“at its core, my artwork is a simple act of love for so many: love for the subject; love for the beholder; love for myself, as a creator of beauty; and love for beauty itself.” 

- victoria white

victoria white is a painter, sculptor, philosopher, mentor, and teacher born in new orleans and living in venice beach, california. she is most recognized for her larger-than-life monochromatic portraits of the iconic figures who inspire her, including artists, musicians, thinkers, actors, and athletes.

her life took on an unexpected trajectory when a serious health struggle forced her to leave her career as a corporate lawyer. during her recovery, she found her true passion in combining philosophy and painting to make unique artworks that reflect not only the likeness, but also the soul of her subjects.

victoria finds working with children as a great source of inspiration for her artwork. she volunteers as a teacher and director at indivisible arts, a nonprofit educational organization where she teaches creativity, consciousness, and connection to children and young adults.